The New School Year 2012-2013… New challenges has start

On 13 September 2012 The UNRWA schools has started the new year school. CYC as usual is trying with Unicef Org and Save the Children to provide education support to the students at risk to fail or drop out… This year CYC is concentrating on the 1st and 2nd grades as a base for the rest of school years… CYC is providing 12 classes in Sabra & Shatila and Nahr El Bared camps in cooperation with 5 UNRWA schools in both camps. The educational program is facing a new challenge of how to deal with the new hundreds of Palestinian refugees children who have escaped from Syria out of the fight there… Lot of meetings, talks, delegations and cameras shooting but for nothing…

CYC is providing English, Math, Arabic and science education support to the displaced Palestinian students who are still out of schools, also those children are receiving recreational and psycho-social activities…

Shatila program and Nahr El Bared Program


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