AENRA destributed shoes to KG children in Albared تبرع منظمة أن يرا باحذية لآطفال روضه نهر الباردِ

بتبرع مشكور من منظمة انيرا جرى توزيع 60 حذاء شتوي على جزء من اطفال صفي روضه أولى وثانيه في روضة أطفال نهر البارد

With appreciated support of ANERA there was distribution of 60 winter shoes to part of KG1 and KG 2 students of Nahr El Bared children Kindergarten


A meeting with the students mothers

21 2016 25 , 5 26-30 ѡ ʡ
On 21-12-2016 there was a meeting with 25 mother of the cyc students to discuss their children education issue as a result of first semesters exams. CYC has suggested 5 days intensive education program during the holidays 26-30 Dec. That is to protect them from failing or drop out from schools. The program will include recreational and refreshing activities too.