AENRA destributed shoes to KG children in Albared تبرع منظمة أن يرا باحذية لآطفال روضه نهر الباردِ

بتبرع مشكور من منظمة انيرا جرى توزيع 60 حذاء شتوي على جزء من اطفال صفي روضه أولى وثانيه في روضة أطفال نهر البارد

With appreciated support of ANERA there was distribution of 60 winter shoes to part of KG1 and KG 2 students of Nahr El Bared children Kindergarten

A meeting with the students mothers

21 2016 25 , 5 26-30 ѡ ʡ
On 21-12-2016 there was a meeting with 25 mother of the cyc students to discuss their children education issue as a result of first semesters exams. CYC has suggested 5 days intensive education program during the holidays 26-30 Dec. That is to protect them from failing or drop out from schools. The program will include recreational and refreshing activities too.

Christmas and New Year CYC children carnival

30/12/2016 365 . ,
On Friday 30/12/2016 More than 365 children and some parents have participated in the Annual Christmas and New Year Carnival. where the children and Parents had enjoyable time of playing, games, painting. dancing and competitions. The children were happy with their gifts too.

A trip for The CYC Staff in Shatila and NBC ;

ɡ . 24 2016
All the social workers, animators, teachers and psychologists are in need to retreatment and relaxation after months of work pressure. CYC organize every year two recreational trips where the whole staff have fun and relaxation. listening and telling stories. On 24 with appreciation to UNICEF support, CYC organized a trip for the two work teams in Shatila and NBC to North, where they spend a days of fun and happiness.

From the last activities of 2016

من نشاطات نهاية العام في مركز الأطفال والفتوة – مخيم نهر البارد، حلوي وضيافة الطلاب والأطفال

From the end of the year’s activities at CYC Nahr El Bared, sweets and refreshment to the students and children

CYC children and facilitators of NBC farewel 2016 أطفال ومنشط ين المركزفي نهر البارد يودعون

رغم البرد والمطر 75 طفلا وطفلة امضى الأطفال والشباب والمنشطين 3 ساعات من الفرح في مركز نهر البارد باحتفال نهاية العام واستقبال عام جديد، حيث تمتع الآطفال والمنشطين بالاغاني والموسيقى والرقص والالعاب التنشيطية

In spite of the cold and rain, 75 children,youths and facilitators spent 3 hours of happiness at CYC of Nahr El Bared, where the children and teachers enjoyed the music,dance, singing and energizing games.