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Hi Matt Mullenweg,
We just wanted to get in touch to see if you need any help with your wedding video editing?

Here at VIDDEDIT we offer a range of packages for wedding filmmakers tailor made to suit your needs. We will watch and understand your existing video editing style and will edit the video in the same style to maintain continuity.

We have 25 handpicked editors in our team so you can be assured that we can handle the volume. Projects start at just $80 with three free rounds of revisions included.

Click here to set up a call and we’ll talk you through the whole process. If you are one of the first 10 videographers to get in touch we’ll edit your next three projects for half the price or you can get your first project edited for free.

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CYC children & students in Nahr El Bared celbrated Christmas and New year أطفال وطلاب الجمع ية في نهر البارد يحتفلون باعياد الميلاد ورأس السنة

احتفل اطفال وطلاب التدعيم الدراسي ومعلماتهم في مركز الجمعية في نهر البارد باقامة يوم مفتوح بمناسبة ألأعياد في جو من الفرح بعيدا عن قلق وباء كورونا، حيث امضى الجميع وقتا ممتعا باللعب والتسلية والمأكولات والحلوى. وبنهاية النشاط ودع الأطفال 2020 الصعب بلا اسف، متطلعين الى 2021 بامل ان يكون عام الخير والصحة، وانتظام التعليم والنجاح، والأمن والسلام للجميع.

CYC Children and students and their teachers in Nahr El Bared celebrated Christmas & New Year by holding an Open Day with joy away from the anxiety of the Corona epidemic. Everyone spent a fun time playing, entertaining, and enjoying food and sweets. At the end of the event, the children farewell the difficult 2020 without regret, looking forward to 2021 with the hope to be a year of good, health, regular education and success, security, and peace for all.