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CYC had Iftar for the children

From: CYC
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 7:27 AM
To: giqe423volu
Subject: CYC had Iftar for the children

CYC had the annual Iftat of Ramadan for 100 children of Shatila Camp,

Children demostration at the Nakba anieversary مسيرة ومعرض ورسم على الوجه يوم النكبة

بمناسبة النكبة قامت المؤسسات الفلسطينية الاجتماعية والتربوية في مخيم شاتيلا بتنظيم برنامج احياء ذكرى النكبة ومساندة اضراب الاسرى في سجون الاحتلال الاسرائيلي، حيث شارك اطفال الروضات وطلاب مدارس والعاملين في المؤسسات في مسيرة جالت في شوارع المخيم، وزاروا خيمة التضامن مع الاسرى، واستمعوا الى حديث عن النكبة ونضال لاسرى. ومن ثم زاروا معرض صور، وبعد الغناء لفلسطين والرسم على الوجوه والغناء غادروا حاملين اعلام فلسطين …

On 49 anniversery on Nakba 1948and supporting to The Palestinian Prisoners in the Israel occupation jails. The NGO’s in Shatila camp have organized a program to Kg children and school students and the NGOs staff. The children with their teachers have walked in the camp streets, visited a photo exhibtion, and listen to explanation about the Nakba and the Prisoners strike. after they sang songs for Palestine and got painting on their faces and cary Palestine flag.

CYC Children are working on decomentary اطفال المركز يقومون بتصوير فيلم احكي لي عن بلدي

قام مجموعة من أطفال المركز في نهر البارد بالشراكه مع مجموعة من منظمة الشبيبة الفلسطينية بتصوير فيلم تحت عنوان احكي لي عن بلدي عبر مقابلات مع مسنين من جيل النكبة مخيم نهر البارد

Group of CYC children in Nahr El bared camp with PYO children are filming a documentary with the old people of the Nakba generation with title of: Tell me on my homeland.

Sorry for the sad news

Dear friends

Again we are so sorry to see the terrorism is hitting the innocent people in London and other where, just civilian, all ages, workers, students, children, mothers, fathers, just killing at random without caring to moral or dignity or human responsibility.

We are with you, we know how you feel and how much is difficult, because as you know we have passed through this painful experience since long history. We felt pitter, pain, cried and cried/ shouted, we buried our victims silently, and still we are living under the threat in and out of Palestine…

I am sorry to say I have mixture of pain and anger feelings. Those martyrs and the injured in London it could be the same who are falling everywhere in these days… They could be our children or family or friends in Occupied Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen or Africa, because the terrorism has no identity, no place, no religion, no moral nor belonging or belief.

Those small criminals are practicing what they were trained to do. To what they were founded and funded for, to what they were supported and protected for by the big criminals the Governments who used them as Robots (killing Machines) without hearts or minds. Those Governments are causing their citizens what they caused to other peoples….

I think no individual place on the earth now can enjoy the peace, just, freedom, democracy, love, happiness, safe and humanity alone… It is big lesson/ challenge to remember the says love to your brother what you love to your self. Its time for all to put hand in hand for the change and better choose the Heads who have to lead and obtain better peaceful and safer future for our children…

Sorry my friends to say all of that. But just to share with you what I felt to say, its enough wars, terrorism, occupation, oppression, blood, death, injuries, fear and unjust. It is time for the societies to act, direct and raise the voices. The Terrorism should fail and stop.

We love you and wish you, the families, friends and everybody the safety, health and peaceful days..

Rest and peace to the victims, and sooner recover to the injured…

With you always

Abu Moujahed

Children & Youth Centre CYC

Shatila Camp


From: CYC
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 1:25 PM
To: Dear Friends in UK
Subject: Sorry for the sad news

We regret to hear the sad news in Manchester. As usual the people who pay the price of the criminals plans. This terrorist action similar to what is happening everywhere, France, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine… The crime and the criminals are the same . the civilian who killed, we are sorry for these women, men and children victims. Our hearts with you all. Wishing the peace come over for all peoples, for everybody to live happy and safe…

Abu Moujahed
Children & Youth Centre o CYC

Friedly match between CYC Girlas team and Beirut Team

ɡ .
CYC Girls Football team has played a friendly match at Seraj playground in Shatila with friends girls team from Beirut. The Match atmosphere was friendly and sport spirit. CYC thanked the friends team for their cooperation, also it was agreed to continue after Ramadan…


ȡ 69 1948 2007 .

In the presence of the representatives of Political organizations, Popular Committee and the NGOs, the children & students parents and people of Nahr El Bared Camp. The Children & Youth association has commemorated the 69 anniversary of the Nakba of Palestine in 1948, and Nahr El Bared destruction in 2007, plus calling for support the stead feet of the Prisoners and their Hunger strike for their rights and freedom against the Israeli Occupation. Mr. Abu Moujahed the director of CYC has talked in the occasion, and the children of cyc in El Bared and Shatila have performed some folklore dances, and national songs, sketches and poems