The CYC receives volunteers from all walks of life. Since the CYC’s creation in 1997, Palestinian, Lebanese, and international volunteers have been carving out a role at our centre, introducing new ideas and enthusiasm. Some are native Arabic speakers, whilst others have limited or no knowledge of the Arabic language. The CYC values all contributions. Volunteers include NGO representatives, and interested individuals.

Volunteers might expect, or hope, to be told how best they can work with the CYC. It is therefore necessary to inform volunteers that they must design, and carry out their role independently. Volunteers should, however, ensure ideas are approved before acting them out. Volunteers can also help with homework; this is always needed.

What can you offer?

Draw on any experience – creative or otherwise – you’ve accumulated over the years. Are you a teacher, musician, or dramatist? Do you have a working knowledge of computers, or handcrafts? You don’t have to be a professional, and literally anything is appreciated.

If you’re interested in volunteering your best tool is your imagination. Don’t belittle what you’ve learned so far; use it. The learning curve can run both ways; sometimes children respond best to mutual learning. Some examples of what previous volunteers have done include classes, or activities in:

  • English
  • Arts and handicrafts
  • IT
  • Music and dance
  • Sports and games

Volunteers have also assisted with external activities, e.g. cultural events, the organising of activities, and fundraising. Others have held discussion groups on topical issues, e.g. child and human rights, violence and aggression, early marriage, and child labour.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the CYC, or have any questions, please contact us, or find us. The CYC’s guesthouse is open to all visitors wanting to experience Shatila’s community, and hospitality, firsthand.


5 thoughts on “Volunteer”

  1. My name is Rand Ibrahim and I am residing in Lebanon.
    I very much admire the work done by CYC and would very much like to take part in such humanitarian action. I am wondering if it is possible to join yo volunteering team should you have one or subscribe to receiving emails on upcoming volunteering opportunities?

  2. Hi, I am very interested in volunteering for cyc. I currently work as a carer for disable children, and I am also studying a childcare course. I would love the oppertunity to help cyc the best way I can for beautiful children who deserve a life of hope and happiness. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thankyou 🙂

  3. Hello, me and a couple of other friends are really interested in volunteering. Are there any specific requirements needed?
    Thank you,

  4. I am very interested in this, would like to find out more information about it, please let me know!

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