Thank you Jiulia

CYC always welcome and farewell friend volunteers, each has different, experience and talents, we try to exchange experiences, friend ship and opinions, some of them leave remarks of art, activity, and sincere commitment.
Dear Giulia has left after volunteering 3 weeks full time in the Centre and the Guest House in Shatila camp, helping the students with English lessons, and training sport exercises, Giulia build friendship with the students/children and work team and CYC people… Thank you Giulia for everything,

Farewell the volunteer friend Mariane De Poula وداع الصديق ة المتطوعة ماريان

بعد اكثر من شهر من الألتزام والعطاء في العمل الاداري وتنظيم الأرشيف، والتدريب للاطفال يوغا وبناء الصداقات مع فريق العمل والطلاب غادرت الصديقة ماريان دي باولا.
أطيب التمنيات بالتوفيق مع الشكر على جهودها وتضامنها…

After more than a month of commitment and giving in administrative work, organizing archives, training Yoga for the children and building friendships with the Team Work and students. Dear friend Marianne de Paula has left. Best wishes for success with appreciation for her efforts and solidarity …