French friends visiting


Two of the friend team from France Les Enfants D’ Les Poir Mr. Jean Yves and Mr. Danys have visited The Centre in Shatila where they observed the Children activities and met the work team. It was opportunity to discuss the necessity of developing the Youth exchange program too.

Nahr El bared

Nahr El Bared Camp has been demolished in 2007 after the war between The Lebanese Army and The Fanatic Islamic group (Fath el Islam) Although there were so many conferences, promises of the Arab and United nation and International Organization, UNRWA nominated to take the responsibility to rebuild the camp with the donations they received. Today after 7 years not more 50% of the camp has been rebuild, The people is still living in misery conditions, plus the rain which every body is happy to fall in Lebanon after a dry year. But In Nahr el bared the rain came to increase the pain and deep their tragedy. Here some photos from the Al Bared camp website.


Nahr el Bared flood.pptx