Receiving Guest from Palestine

CYC has received Ms. Abla Masroujeh from Nablus- Palestine. which a special occasion for CYC members and friends to meet her and listen to her point of view about our people conditions under the occupation in the Occupied territories of Palestine in West Bank, Gaza and 1948. The youth have welcomed her and had a fruitful discussion and information.
– 1948..

Children Summer educational & recreationalprogram in NBC

still the Summer Educational and recreational program attracting the children daily to study and spending joyful time at CYC in Nahr El Bared Camp, as part of UNICEF Educational and psycho social project.

لا زال البرنامج الصيفي التعليمي والترفيهي يجذب الاطفال يوميا للاستفادة التعليمية وقضاء وقتا ممتعا في مركز الأطفال والفتوة في مخيم نهر البارد. وذلك جزء من البرنامج التربوي والنفسي مع منظمة اليونيسف

With Unicef support CYC started the Educationaland recreationa Summer program

After cooperation with UNRWA schools and the KGs and parents, CYC has started on 4th June the Summer Educational and Recreational program which funned by UNICEF. First the educational program concentrating on empowering the new students 1st and 2nd elementary grades with smooth transition from the Kindergarten level to elementary level. Second the recreational program where the children practice their hobbies, talent development, playing, life skills and happy time.