The Children & Youth Association held its General assembly

14 Children and Youth Association held it general assembly on 14 Nov. 2015

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The Children & Youth Association held its General Assembly on 14 Nov. 2015 in Shatila branch in the presence of 28 members. The Admisitrative committee has introduce the activity and financial reportd, The participants had good discussion with comments before they moved to the two years ahead plans and procedures. The general assembly meets every year, but the annual meeting is to discuss and confirm the administrative reports, while the meeting of the two years is to discuss the two years activities and financial reports plus to review and evaluate programs and general policies of the association and to elect a new administrative committee. So before the end of the meeting the members have elected new committee for the two years ahead, The meeting has ended with family dinner which has included different age groups of members who have participate in the success and continueity of CYC.


دورة الزجاج للناشئين، بتمويل من مؤسسة الانيرا

بدعم مشكور من مؤسسة أنيرا ينظم مركز الأطفال والفتوة في مخيم نهر البارد دورة رسم على الزجاج للناشئين،

يحضر الدورة 20 شاب وشابه (4 ذكور_ 16 اناث) باشراف المدربة الأنسة ريتا يحي طه.
ستستمر الدورة من 6-11-2015 ولغاية 28 –11-2015

With support of Anera association, CYC in Nahr El Bared Camp is organizing a handcraft course (painting on Glass) from 6 Nov. to 28 Nov. 2015. 20 youths ( 4 Boys and 16 Girls) are participating in the training course with the training Miss. Rita Taha.