Thanks you Kasper

Thanks to dear friend Casper and his friends for their efforts to support CYC works and programs of assisting the refugee children and youths of the camps.


10 March, 2019 23:44

9 2019 ɡ ɡ

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In the presence of large number of women and youth, as well as representatives of political organizations, popular committees and NGOs on March 9, 2019, CYC has celebrated the International Women’s Day. The event started with welcoming word by the CYC Director, Mr. Abu Moujahed, and the political, sacrifices & struggle content of the occasion, plus the need to awaken the position of Palestinian and Arab women not on the base of gender, but as human has equal rights and duties, considering the women in Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Yemen as struggler models for freedom and liberation

The Educator, Mrs. Samira Mansour, talked about women’s empowerment on her global day as an incentive to achieve more progress and rights on the path of equality and taking its place in the family and society, and refuted the reality of Palestinian and Arab women according to statistics and figures in terms of work, education, health and violence. She called for intensified efforts to promote education and the role of the family in building a healthy gender culture, reducing violence and discrimination and providing real protection for women in taking their due place. The seminar included The CYC girls folklore dance, discussions and discussions with the audience.


Thank you for the invitation. But I will not able to make it to due pre commitments.

Hope all the best for CYC and all Women all over the world.

Best, Rasha

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Sent: Friday, March 8, 2019 12:49 AM
Subject: Invitation


An Invitation from CYC, on the occasion of the International Woman’s Day,

The invitation to a seminar about

The Palestinian and Arab women conditions.

By Mrs. Samira Mansour

Date & Time: On Saturday, 9th March. At 3:00 PM

Place: Children & Youth Centre – CYC

Shatila Camp.