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CYC-Shatila New Year Carnival 28-12-2021

200 ɡ . 2022 .

This is a little part of more than 200 children’s carnival, to farewell with no regret of 2021. It was filled with economic, social, and psychological tragedies, plus Corona, poverty, and confronting the daily crimes of Occupation, who supported by the decision-makers in the West, the USA, and the Arab tails against the poor and the landowners the people of Palestine. After all, we are teasing the anti-humanity by seeing the joy of our children wishing the children of the world that 2022 would carry the best, health and happiness for all.

Seasons’ Greetings

الى كل الأصدقاء والأحبة
سنتجاور كل المآسي والمصاعب، في مقارعة العدو المحتل في فلسطين، وكل المآسي في لبنان الخراب ليس بكورونا وحدها، بل بالفساد والحكام المجرمين بحق الناس، لنتمنى لكم عاما أفضل بلا كورونا ومن هم اسوأ منها اعداء السلام والحرية والعدالة، الذين يحولون دون حق الأطفال والناس بالصحة والعلم والغذاء والأمان. والعودة للوطن كحل نهائي لكل اللاجئين، بوقف الظلم وانهاء الأحتلال والتدخل الأستعماري الجشع…
كل عام وانتم بخير، ميلاد مجيد وعام سعيد
أطفال وشباب وفريق عمل مؤكز الأطفال والفتوة

To all friends and loved ones.
We will Passover all tragedies, difficulties, and challenges, the confrontations against the Israeli occupation aggression in Palestine, and all the miseries in subversive Lebanon due to the corruption of criminal rulers, against their people, To wish you all a better 2022, a year without Corona and those who are worse, the enemies of peace, freedom, and justice, who prevent the right of children and people to health, science, food, and safety. Returning home as a final solution for all the refugees, by stopping injustice, ending the occupation, and greedy colonial intervention…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Children, youth, & staff of
Children & Youth Centre – CYC