CYC call for supporting the Palestinian prisonar strike

CYC has commemorated the 69 anniversary of the Nakba in Shatila camp. Greeted the steadfastness of the people inside and outside of the occupied territories of Palestine.

There was mentioning to the difficult period on the Palestinian, Arab and international levels, especially with the new administration of United States and increased power of the extremist parties in many European countries.

CYC highlighted on the deteriorated situations after the Arabic Spring, and failing of the Arab regimes with their cooperation with USA, European governments and Israel on the expense of their peoples and Palestine Cause. The most shame was The Arab and Islamic summit with receiving Hajj Mohamad Donald Trump. Especially the dirty deals of Saudi Arabia with Trump of 460 billion Dollars for weapons and other economical and secrete agenda of USA. If half of this amount was invested in the Arab poor countries there were no poverty, unemployment, violence or fanatic groups.

CYC considered the most important issue right now is to protect the lives of 1640 out of 7000 Palestinian prisoners are in Hunger Strike, called for practical actions more than solidarity tent or partial separate organizations activities for propaganda, or sending photos and messages through face book or social media Higher dose in needed now. After 35 days of hunger strike their lives are in critical conditions, it needs affective movement to protect them from the death in the prisons.

CYC raised a clear call to Palestinian leadership and civil society, Nothing is prohibited, all means should be done, politically, diplomacy, military to protect the prisoners. Anger demonstrations should be everywhere in occupied Palestine, Arab Countries, Europe, United States, Canada and Australia. All the people and international friends and solidarity movements are requested to protest and boycott Israel and the companies who support Israel. Raise the condemnation against the Israel government aggression towards the prisoners. The human rights, peace and democratic movements and International Red cross have to announce true reports about the prisoners conditions. All the Israeli soldiers should be target projects of exchange by the freedom of our prisoners. We dont want the prisoners to be martyrs in Prisons, but free with glory and dignity. Every inaction considered sharing of Israel in the tragedy of the prisoners.