How are you?

Dear Habebi Marie
Dear Habebi .

Please forgive me to reply to both of you together, just because I love you, and need my writing to reach without delay, I am so happy to hear from you and many others who are writing or calling, I am so sorry not able to mange to reply to all the friends long letters about the situation, So I consider it chance to send this letter to many friends at the same time.

How nice to hear from special like you, your letters brought to me great moral support at this special hard moment… I hope you are fine. Happy and in best conditions in Denmark and UK

I think everywhere almost the same, but such place like Lebanon as small country, and after four month of protesting, demonstration, bankrupt. closing roads, closing banks and jobs, destructions, and chaos. Then one month and half of Corona, almost everybody out of income, 350 Corona cases at the Hospitals , 4 dead, The banks closed, the borders, the government closed shops, stop the work, the schools, so people are suffering with everything. The people psychologically effected, everybody is afraid, people without money to buy food, The government procedures is right, but it needs another procedures of support to those who if they work they eat, if not no food to eat… To those sick people with chronic diseases, heart, cancer, washing kidneys etc.

Over all, everybody is concerns on the situation here and there, but not about the refugees, Palestinian or Syrians, the contrary, those Stupide Lebanese Officials and Politicians, when they mention the Refugee camps. not as sorrow feelings or bity for their misery condition, but to talk against them and doubting them. still the immoral racism and discrimination speech is existing without shame even in such hell circumstances…

Lebanon as whole is isolated, corrupted, divided, suffering by the orders of USA and Golf governments and Israel, no support to Lebanon as banishment, UNRWA is empty hand too. The situation is really bad, thanks to those generous individual supporters who is providing some breads, or little hygiene material, or little food staff. Really Lebanon deserve better, as small country will never released from the surrounding gravities. So sorry this country will continue suffering like many other countries in the region with stupid Politicians named them selves leaders…

Before I talk about Shatila Paradise. For first time we are against unseen enemy, Corona or Covid 19 for sure is around, so we are trying our best to be protected, but just for fun to say, It seems Corona Virus has some revolutionary background, It might be Leftist or carrying proletarian anger against the Bourgua and the capitalists or the imperialism. Although it is ctaching some poor in its way, but it is first virus is concentrating on the decision makers, big bosses, governors, minsters, presidents, prime ministers. etc. Usually the God with the strong one, most of the victims usually are the poor ones, This time this virus seems Materialist, doesn’t belong to the Religions Ideologies. It is first virus closed the churches and the mosques, and stopping the religion speakers speeches and minimize their presence and roles.

I hope the situation in spite of the fears to continue with this standard, not to take farther development, untill finding certain vaccine… Because still right now, No Syrian nor Palestinian refugee Camps announced any Corona case yet. Plus almost all the Poor Lebanese misery Locations still mostly safe till the moments. So. please Corona, those poor ones had enough difficulty lives, they are suffering everyday from so many problems and difficulties, Please continue in the same way, make those who never suffer to taste what the poor ones are facing everyday since they born till their death… No problem if the Government leaders taste the feeling of being prisoned at home or the hospital bed, to feel weak even they are surround by their bodyguards or military forces, to feel what the poor people feel when they are sick and no medicine can give them the life after the diseases ate their bodies because they don’t have money to buy or protect their lives. I am not happy really for that, but just irony, to bring the smile to beat the sadness, confusion and worries… Those thoughts came to me while I am following the groups of volunteers in the camp’s poor and dirty allias, among the poor little houses of the camp. where the people hiding them selves in little cement boxes called houses, people afraid, looking if we are bringing some thing to their hungry and cornerd children, without chance even to move in such houses hardly fiting them.

I was happy Corona didn’t reach them, but I was trimbling out of fright if it reach what will happen, How to hande it, where to isolate them, how we can separate them while there is no space for them even to sit or sleep in such narrow tiny rooms. plus in such condition they are hardly to have enough to survive.

Of course, we are not happy to see people are hungry, or afraid or prisoned at their home, We don’t wish to see any one afraid about their children, with closed schools, Kindergarten and universities. Or just to smile in the faces of our students and children while we are saying; we love you, and wish to welcome you at CYC, but please now you should be at home for your protection, please go home, although I know that is as panishment for them.

The Refugees since so long never had satisfactory conditions, since years they have to cry out of their historical penalty, pain. tragedies and discrimination, It is not fair to be always in need with every difficult condition bagging the food, shelters, medicine, cloths. It is not fair not to be included within the Governmental policy or strategy of confronting the risk of Corona Epidemic … It is not fair UNRWA to be empty hand to say we have nothing to provide… It is not fair Gaza to be traget to Corona while it is in seage without the minimum of posibilies to confront… All the Arab Governments with Plaestine but on the Microphone. All the world governments included Tramp are with the peace and human rights, but never they were true. good they are paying the price of their lies, they are hiding them selves more then a frightened mouse, they are hunted nowadays by what they made to hunt the peoples. to hell if they dismiss one after one.

About me, US and Shatila Paradize. Thank you and all the friends who call or wrote to us ,,, That is enough to feel there is who at least think of us, and worried about us,,, Thanks to Eva & Nestor- Sweden, To Frashid – Italy, Sonja – Nether Land, Dr. Robert – Austria, Prue and Jai- UK and other friuends, Sorry not to mention all.

65 volunteers from several NGO’s finished within 4 days a Raising Awareness campaign to 3323 families included 13292 persons. still about 832 families need to be visited. Thanks to MSF training and providing the needs of the volunteers, and to the local organization for their efforts, to CYC work team and other NGO’s teams and all the volunteers who sacrificed by confronting the risk of the Corona virus, their time and energy during last 4 days. For those who spray the anti virus material, to the association who receive the volunteers for the breaks, and thanks to all who provide some material through the Civil Defense and other Association, Thanks to the Ghobeyry Municipality cooperation.
It was honor to CYC to take part with the NGO’s and the organizations and popular committees in the protaction prosess. Receiving the coordination meetings at CYC, and to host the Volunteers training by MSF, and follow their daily starting work with the Civil Deafens and MSF. Plus to take care of the administrative issues of collecting datas and final reporting.

Now we are trying in the camp like every Camp to empower collective work through Emergency committee include the NGO’s, Popular Committees, Civil Defense and Health Associations, Red Crescent, MSF and UNRWA. Still the possibilities is very limited, so what is provided is not clear to whom it reach or not, because it is little and doesn’t reply to the huge needs of the people.

We are calling all the friends and supporters, to help us even by 10 – 20 – 30 or what ever of Dollars or Euros through the Net – Pay Pal Donation account on our web-page . Because together it makes difference, Each share of food or hygiene for a family costs at least about 25 – 30 Dollars. (Everything is very expensive in Lebanon now) So Shatila needs at least 75000 dollars for 3000 families, it is huge amount. So all the NGO’s and organizations are trying to find sources, that will make it easier and less requested amounts… The main is to succeed with organizing the collective work and efforts. Then we will reach to every poor Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Bangladeshi, Ethiopians, Kurds, Romes and who ever residing in the camp. We can’t leave anybody, all are in the same condition, no body is working, everybody is in need to feed his children or him or her self…

CYC is trying among others to take its usual role of help during the crises through the assistants of our friends everywhere… First answer was from unexpected place, from our friends in Italy, I wasn’t going even to ask them, Italy in spite of their catastrophe, they thought of us in Shatila… Great thanks of course. As usual thanks to the friends in Sweden for the support, Austria, And we are waiting more other friend to give hands too. We have to ask our friends permission in Austria, France and Scotland to use their contribution in supporting the poor families and the children survival conditions.

My dear, In spite of everything. We still having the smile of hope, at least if we couldn’t have in hand what to give, we keep with the smilke giving the power of hope for the better… Maybe some of us will die with Corona, but not all, we are trying to be careful, we will pass.

With huge of love and missing, Thank you, you gave me the chance while I am writing to you to be to all friends in the same time,

Best wishes, take care, we love you. and want to see you again very soon…

Love to all
Abu Moujahed

Children & youth Centre
Mobil;e. +961 3 974672
P. O.Box: 25/136 Ghobeyreh.

From: Marie Brøndgaard
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 12:06 AM
To: Abu Mujahed
Subject: How are you?

Dear Abu Moujahed,

How are you? How is everyone in Shatila?

It’s such a crazy time in the world at the moment.

I hope you are doing well…?

Best wishes


Raising awareeness campaign in Shatila camp حملة توعية في مخيم شاتيلا

اليوم الأثنين 23-3-2020 انطلاق حملة التوعية الشعبية في مخيم شاتيلا ، التي ستقرع جميع ابواب المنازل للحديث مع الاسرحول وباء الكورونا وسبل الوقاية منه، اضافة الى تعداد الاسر التي سيتم زيارتها، وعدد افرادها، والأطفال دون 3 سنوات، وعدد كبار السن فوق 65 سنة، والأسر غير الموجودة بالمنزل والمنازل الخالية، وذلك للاستفادة من معرفة حجم المسؤوليات في حال القيام باية تقديمات اغاثية او المساعدة في الايام القادمة،
ضمت الحملة 65 متطوعا ومتطوعة من عدد من المؤسسات الأجتماعية كانوا قد تلقوا تدريبا من قبل منظمة أطباء بلا حدود، وهم أطباء بلا حدود، الدفاع المدني الفلسطيني، مركز الأطفال والفتوة، جمعية النجدة الاجتماعية، بيت أطفال الصمود، جمعية بسمة وزيتونة، جمعية الشفاء الانسانية، منارة القدس، مسرح بيلسان، فرقة البيادر وجمعية جفرا والملتقى الوطني الفلسطيني. وباشراف لجنة طواريء مخيم شاتيلا،
وقد تم توزيع المتطوعين على 5 مجموعات، كل منها من 6 فرق عمل صغيرة مؤلفة من شخصين اضافة لمنسق المجموعة. وبعد ان تم تزويدهم بالمنشورات واستمارة احصائية لعدد الاسر، ومواد التعقيم حفظا لسلامتهم، وصابون مقدم من أطباء بلا حدود للتوزيع للاسر. انطلق الجميع بحماسة للعمل وفق توزيعات خارطة المخيم على أمل ان ينتهي العمل في فترة اقصاها 5 الى 6 ايام.

To Monday 23-3-2020 the popular awareness campaign started in Shatila camp, which will be from door to door about the Koruna epidemic and how to prevent it, in addition to registering the number of families. persons, children under 3 years, elderly age over 65 years, the families who are not at home, and empty houses, to know the size of responsibilities in the event of any relief submissions or assistant in the coming days,
The campaign included 65 volunteers from number of several NGO’s who had been trained by MSF, the Palestinian Civil Defense, CYC, Najdeh Association, Beit Atfal Al-Samoud, Basma and Zaitouna , Al-Shifaa Association , Manarat Al-Quds , Bilsan Theater, Al-Bayader team, Jafra Society and Palestinian National Forum. Under the supervision of the Shatila Emergency Committee,
The volunteers were distributed to 5 groups, each of 6 small teams of two people, and group
coordinator. After they were provided with publications, a statistical form for the number of families, sterilization materials for their safety, and soap provided by MSF for the families. All went with high enthusiasm to work according to the camp map, the work will end in a maximum period of 5 to 6 days