Nutrition meals to the children of Al Bareds KG و جبات غذائية لأطفال روضة نهر البارد

روضة اطفال نهر البارد تقدم وجبات غذائية لطلابها، في جو عائلي هاديء وممتع، اضافة الى أهمية تقديم الوجبة الموحدة للجميع. شكرا لجميع المساهمين في هذا المشروع.
Nahr El Bared KG is providing a nutrition meals to its students in calm and joyful and family atmosphere, in addition to the importance of united meal to all. Thanks to all who share in this project.


CYC-Shatila New Year Carnival 28-12-2021

200 ɡ . 2022 .

This is a little part of more than 200 children’s carnival, to farewell with no regret of 2021. It was filled with economic, social, and psychological tragedies, plus Corona, poverty, and confronting the daily crimes of Occupation, who supported by the decision-makers in the West, the USA, and the Arab tails against the poor and the landowners the people of Palestine. After all, we are teasing the anti-humanity by seeing the joy of our children wishing the children of the world that 2022 would carry the best, health and happiness for all.