Doctor Discusses the Importance of Health and Hygiene with Shatila Adolescents

This past Friday, a Palestinian doctor delivered a lecture to a group of children about personal hygiene, healthy habits, proper ways for keeping ones living-space clean, and general issues of public health. The doctor, who is a representative of the Palestinian Red Crescent, promised the children to return for a lecture on similar themes every Friday at 11:00 AM, as a part of the Children and Youth Centers weekly children’s open-day activities.

Among the topics discussed by the doctor were fundamentals of healthy living, such as the need to brush ones teeth everyday and the importance of keeping ones home neat and tidy. A colorful slideshow of graphs and charts, laying out important health-related statistics, accompanied the talk.

The 20 students in attendance, 13 girls and 7 boys, listened attentively, periodically asking questions about the presented material and responding to the doctors prompts. CYC gave its sincere thanks to the PRC and the doctor for their cooperation and expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of future collaboration.