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Palestinian Refugee Children from Syria Learn and Create in CYC’s Library

CYC Library
Children, newly arrived from Syria, make use of CYC’s library for fun and enriching activities like reading and drawing.
CYC Library
Children, eager to show off their books, pose for the camera.

Doctor Discusses the Importance of Health and Hygiene with Shatila Adolescents

This past Friday, a Palestinian doctor delivered a lecture to a group of children about personal hygiene, healthy habits, proper ways for keeping ones living-space clean, and general issues of public health. The doctor, who is a representative of the Palestinian Red Crescent, promised the children to return for a lecture on similar themes every Friday at 11:00 AM, as a part of the Children and Youth Centers weekly children’s open-day activities.

Among the topics discussed by the doctor were fundamentals of healthy living, such as the need to brush ones teeth everyday and the importance of keeping ones home neat and tidy. A colorful slideshow of graphs and charts, laying out important health-related statistics, accompanied the talk.

The 20 students in attendance, 13 girls and 7 boys, listened attentively, periodically asking questions about the presented material and responding to the doctors prompts. CYC gave its sincere thanks to the PRC and the doctor for their cooperation and expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of future collaboration.

CYC strenthing the solidarity relations in Gotheborg Sweden

CYC participated in the Peace Race – Gothenburg

As part of the cooperation and friendship between Children& Youth Centre- CYC and The Proletaren FF- Sweden. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas – Abu Moujahed was invited by PFF in Sweden where he met Mr. Bengt and Miss Ingrid Frejd and participated in the Annual Peace Race 5 Km.
Abu Moujahed has been honored to give the trophies and prizes to the winners of the Race.
also he has a speech where he has mention to great friendship with PFF, with appreciation to solidarity activities, mainly the PFF slogan Boycott Israel and opposing The US criminal policies…

Mr. Abu Moujahed has the opportunity to meet the Swedish part of CYC family Children & Youth Foundation in Sweden, and the God Mothers and God Parents who are providing support to the refugee children in Shatila and other Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, mainly now the support to the Palestinian and Syrian refugee children the victim of the war in Syria. The meetings had include showing photos and deep discussion about the economical, social and security condition of the camps… In addition to that the expectation for the war in Syria and how that affect the civilian…
Mr. Abu Moujahed has a lecture in Varberg with the members of the Thinker Tank, who really went in details about the area situation including the refugee condition and the Camp capacity to deal with the huge of refugees in misery condition.
The Abu Moujahed has visited the Mixgardenclub committee and exchange views about the refugee condition and the possibility of having an exchange project and future cooperation…
It was good opportunity to visit the Sandeklevsskolan where Abu Moujahed had talked to the students and teachers about Lebanon and regional situation.
Abu Moujahed has visited a new refugee camp in Varberg where he met the new refugees from Syria, Somali, Iran. Iraq and other people…
It was successful visit to Sweden, to wonderful friends and supporters of CYC and Palestinian children and people with its struggle for peace, freedom, just and right to return home Free Palestine..

The New School Year 2012-2013… New challenges has start

On 13 September 2012 The UNRWA schools has started the new year school. CYC as usual is trying with Unicef Org and Save the Children to provide education support to the students at risk to fail or drop out… This year CYC is concentrating on the 1st and 2nd grades as a base for the rest of school years… CYC is providing 12 classes in Sabra & Shatila and Nahr El Bared camps in cooperation with 5 UNRWA schools in both camps. The educational program is facing a new challenge of how to deal with the new hundreds of Palestinian refugees children who have escaped from Syria out of the fight there… Lot of meetings, talks, delegations and cameras shooting but for nothing…

CYC is providing English, Math, Arabic and science education support to the displaced Palestinian students who are still out of schools, also those children are receiving recreational and psycho-social activities…

Shatila program and Nahr El Bared Program