Intensive education program during the holidays

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Due the weak results of the school exams, CYC after the discussion with the parents and students has started as Intensive Education Program during the Christmas and New years eve holidays, aiming to reduce the students difficulties, and to improve the students education condition. The result of 67 students was encouraging.


KG Nahr El Bared Children visit grocery shop أطفال روضة نهر ا لبارد يزورون محل فواكه وخضار

ضمن برنامج تطوير المهارات الحياتية وزيادة المعرفة قام 85 طفلا وطفلة من أطفال روضة نهر البارد بزيارة محل بقالة، حيث رأى وسمع الأطفال شرحا وردا عن استفساراتهم عن الخضار والفواكه، وقد عبر الأطفال عن فرحهم بالزيارة

As a part of the life skills and acknowledgement 58 of Nahr El Bared Kindergarten children hade visited a grocery where they saw and listen to explanation and answering to their questions about the green and fruits. The children were happy with the visit.