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The Child & Mother Day and Land Day- CYC Children and Youth had a exhibition in NBC

On the occasion of the child and Mother Day 21 – 22 March and the Land Day 30 of March, the children and youth of CYC in Nahr El Bared Camp celebrated these occasions on 25 March 2015 through an exhibition of their creativities in Drawing,painting and hand crafts which were related to the occasion,

The exhibition was appreciated by the attended from Popular Committee,NGO’s,Parents and students.

أحيا أطفال وشباب مركزالأطفال والفتوة في مخيم نهر البارد مناسبة يوم الطفل والأم 21-22 أذار ويوم الأرض 30 أذار في 25 أذار 2015 باقامة معرض ضم ابداعاتهم من رسم، والوان واشغال يدوية من وحي المناسبات، حيث لاقى استحسان وتقدير الحضور من اعضاء اللجنة الشعبية والمؤسسسات والأهل والطلاب.


تقرير عم ورشة عمل اليونيسف

UNICEF has organized a workshop for its Palestinian partner NGO’s in North Lebanon – 4 associations,CYC – NBC, The Scout /Baddawi – NBC – and the Popular Committee/Baddawi.
– The training took place 4 days from 20th March to 23rd March; between 9:30 am to 4:30 am (3 days in Quality INN Hotel – Tripoli)
– The training was done by Mr. Nazeih Yacoub the Palestinian project coordinator – UNICEF.
The workshop included active learning methods, dialogues, practice and the trainees presented symbolic educational teaching class,with painting, drawing.
Thanks to UNICEF for the positive initiative which helped the teachers with the teaching methods to strengthen the remedial education program in order to protect the students who are at risk of failing or dropping out of school; plus protection from early child labor, violence and moral and physical exploitation, and delinquent behavior.

عقدت منظمة اليونيسف ورشة عمل في اوتيل كوالتي ان في طرابلس بعنوان: نحوتعليم تمايزي وتشاركي فعال، حضر الورشة 31 معلم ومعلمة من الجمعيات الشريكة لليونيسف في منطقة الشمال . مركز الأطفال والفتوة – نهر البارد ، جمعية الكشاف البارد والبداوي ، اللجنة الشعبية- البداوي. .

استمرت الورشة على مدى اربع ايام 20-23 أذار 2015، وقد قام في التدريب الأستاذ نزيه يعقوب منسق المشروع الفلسطيني في منظمة اليونيسف، تخلل اعمال الورشة حوارات ونقاشات تفاعلية وتطبيقية حول السبل التعليمية الأقضل لللطلاب المحتاجين الى التدعيم الدراسي ، كما قامت كل محموعة من المؤسسات المشاركة بتقديم حصة تعليمية نموذجية معززة بالرسومات واللوحات والتعلم النشط..

شكرا لليونيسف على هذه البادرة الايجابية التي تصب في تحسين الاداء التعليمي للمعلمين وتعزيز برنامج التقوية لحماية الطلاب المعرضين للرسوب اوالتسرب من المدارس ومن ثم من العمالة المبكرة والعنف والاستغلال النفسي والجسدي والسلوكيات المنحرفة..

مركزالأطفال والفتوة

CYC celebrated 8th Of March – The international Women’s Day –

On the occasion of 8th of March the International Womens Day CYC has set up on Saturday, 7th of March a seminar about The Palestinian and Arab Womens Current Conditions presented by the activist Ms. Leila Al Ali in the presence of many women, NGOs and political parties representatives and youths of Shatila camp.

Mr. Abu Moujahed the director of CYC started the event with welcoming the Palestinian, Arab and international women in their special day as a result of historical political, economical, and rights struggle, and greeted the Teachers in their day 9th od March too. Abu Moujahed has welcomed Ms. Leila al Ali with appreciating her long experience and participation in the Palestinian and Arab womens struggle track, and her supporting role to the women and people through her leading one of the biggest Palestinian NGOs The Najdeh Social Association, which play a big role during the crises of Nahr El Bared 2007 and the catastrophe of our people from Syria.

Abu Moujahed highlighted on some problems which should be discussed, empowering the family role in the upbringing the children and adolescents, the reduction of the education level, increasing the delinquency behavior,misusing the technology and social media , drugs spread among youngsters, early marriage mainly girls, also he has stressed on boycotting the production of the companies who support Israel as one of the struggle forms to dismiss the occupation and return to Free Palestine.

Then The CYC children have performed a beautiful folklore dance which was admired by the audience


The Activist Ms.Leila Al Ali has greeted the women every where on this special occasion, and she spoke about the Palestinian and Arab womens difficult condition in the current time, where the women are suffering out the difficult condition through the confrontation with the Israeli Enemy Occupier in the Occupied territories and the division,deprivation, fights, threat and violence increasing in diaspora and Arab Area,especially against women. Ms.Leila has presented some statistics about the social and educational which shows the high level of illiteracy Also she mentioned to little number of the womens participation in the associations and political parties. She called for right of the women right of participating equal to her deserved position. Ms.Leila has ended her speech with pointing to the economical, social and educational difficulties condition the families are confronting which need a collective efforts to come over.

7 2015 .

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The Parents meeting in KG of NBC – صور لقاء الاهل في روضة نهر البارد

Nahr El Bared Children’s Kindergarten called as usual for a parents meeting with the KG children’s parents, discussing the KG children education, behavior, psycho-social. the home and community issues, especially the violence.

مثلما دائما تحرص ادارة ومعلمات روضة اطفال نهر البارد على عقد اللقاءات الدورية مع امهات واباء اطفال الروضة لاطلاعهم على اوضاع الأطفال التربوية والنفسية والسلوكية، واالحوار معهم حول المسائل التي تهم سلامة الأطفال والأسرة والبيئة الاجتماعية الحاضنة.

CYC celebrated Valentine Day

In spite of all the misery conditions surround the daily life of the camps, still there is a space for having fun, smile and being happy together. CYC staff and volunteers celebrated cooked Palestinian food and enjoyed the Valentine Cakes. with big wish of love, happiness, safety and peace to everybody every where…

CYC distributed winter pajamas to 250 students of the remedial program

To protect the children from the cold weather which is very difficult for the poor refugee families and children, CYC continue working on supporting the students of the remedial program in Shatila and Nahr El Bared, 250 students 6 to 13 years old have received winter pajamas.Thanks to the friends Mrs. Maria and Mr. Pierre- Sweden for their support.