The Lebanese Army aggression stop the education program in Nahr El Bared

CYC conducted an educational training workshop in Shatila

CYC had a training workshop on 19-6-2012 for 12 teachers and volunteers in Shatila camp on the methodology and active learning with education about the child rights, and participation as part of preparing a Summer educational support  projet for 125 students who are at risk to fail or drop out of the schools.

CYC, with support of Unicef and Save Children International in cooperation with UNRWA, took the decision to help 70 six years old children with preparing them to move from last year of Kindergarten to the 1st elementary level, and to improve the education of 55 students from 2nd grades with their education aswell.

This project was going to be implemented in two camps, Shatila and Nahr el Bared camp. However, after the Lebanese Army, provoking the Palestinian refugees as usual, shooting and killing 2 children as well as injuring tenth of people there, CYC was obliged to postpone the program to see how this aggression policy will end…


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