Al-nakba event in Shatila

In remembrance of the terrible catastrophe – al-nakba – in 1948, the Children and Youth Center arranged a great show in Shatila refugee camp. With Children and Youth Center Nahr el-Bared visiting the center in Shatila the two in cooperation conducted the show just in front of the Children and Youth Center Shatila.

After distributing invitation a few days ahead the turnout was quite good with a lot of visitors from inside and outside of Shatila camp. The event started out with a speech by director Abu Mujahed about the day of nakba, emphasizing the importance of remembering al-nakba. This was followed by a presentation of three small poems about Palestine, written by the kids of the Children and Youth Center. And finally the event ended after a dabke show – specially composed for the nakba event – by the kids of Children and Youth Center Shatila as well as Nahr el-Bared.

By conducting this event the Children and Youth Center of both camps worked to confirm the Palestinian identity of the youth and kids, as well as strengthening the bonds between the children and youth of the two refugee camps.

We thank everybody who showed the event their interest!

Here is a series of pictures from the event:

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