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Nahr El Bared KG started a new joyful year of education, life skills, talent development and fun

On 20 September 2012 The children & Youth Centre KG in Nahr El bared camp has opened it doors to 85 children, 3-5 years old… The teachers have received the children with love and care, lot of fun, play and motivation activities to help the new children to adopt the new circumstances.

The Associazione Italiana Allenatori Cancio solidarity with CYC

During the Sabra and Shatila massacre commemoration activities on 17 Sep. 2012, Mr. Giuseppe Laureti has expressed on behalf of Associazione Italiana Allenatori Cancio the solidarity and cooperation with Shatila camp children and youth, Mr. Giuseppe has provide the Italian Association Flag to Mr. Mahmoud Abbas the general director of Children & Youth Centre – CYC…

The New School Year 2012-2013… New challenges has start

On 13 September 2012 The UNRWA schools has started the new year school. CYC as usual is trying with Unicef Org and Save the Children to provide education support to the students at risk to fail or drop out… This year CYC is concentrating on the 1st and 2nd grades as a base for the rest of school years… CYC is providing 12 classes in Sabra & Shatila and Nahr El Bared camps in cooperation with 5 UNRWA schools in both camps. The educational program is facing a new challenge of how to deal with the new hundreds of Palestinian refugees children who have escaped from Syria out of the fight there… Lot of meetings, talks, delegations and cameras shooting but for nothing…

CYC is providing English, Math, Arabic and science education support to the displaced Palestinian students who are still out of schools, also those children are receiving recreational and psycho-social activities…

Shatila program and Nahr El Bared Program

Sabra & Shatila Camp with the international supporters are commemorating the Massacre

30 years have passed since the Israeli occupation forces and their Lebanese allies of Al Kataeb- the phalanges, the Lebanese Forces, Saad Haddad militias and others did the massacre in Sabra and Shatila during thre days 15-17 Sep. 1982… The savage way the murderers used with killing the children, women, old and young people has chocked and forced every body to condemned that crime. Since years more solidarity was expressed through more delegations and friends from everywhere in the world are coming every year to share the Palestinians and Lebanese victims’ families of Sabra and Shatila refugee camp… This year for the first time there was two programs to the commemoration;
The first program has concentrated mostly on tour visits and meetings program for seven days, only 2 hours in Shatila camp, which make the Shatila people are not part of the program.
The second program was an initiative of the political, social and popular organization of Shatila camp with the martyrs families to organize their commemoration program;
– Evening walk with candles on 17th Sep. in accompany with the international guests delegations who stayed in the camp to the martyrs cemetery.
– A popular march to the Martyrs Cemetery on 18th Sep.
– An exhibition with the martyrs photos in front of CYC in Shatila camp.

Although every body has thanked and appreciated the solidarity of the international friends, and their voices of calling for a just trails to all the criminals who were responsible and involved in the inhumanity crimes against civilians and innocent people . But the complains was about the organizer of FOR NOT TO FORGET, who want to be the owner of the occasion and turn it to tourism program and meetings in 5 stars hotels far from the daily life of the Massacre people and its place. CYC and all Shatila camp people and associations are thanking the international friends from Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Turky, France and United States who stayed in the camp and shared the people the commemoration and their life conditions.

Children & Yough Centre – CYC Annual Iftar

The Children & Youth Centre celebrate the Annual Iftar with the youth and CYC friends.

On 2nd of August more than 125 of CYC friends International Organization UNRWA, UNICEF, Save Children International, Lebanese and Palestinian NGO’s, political Organizations, popular committees and Parents had a familiar gathering with the Youth of CYC in front of the Centre in Shatila camp in the Annual Ramadan Iftar, as part of celebrating Ramadan traditions and values… It was occasion to the friends to meet and have a popular and traditional dinner- Iftar… CYC thanked and appreciated who came and accept the invitation. especially the Youths of CYC who organize everything and welcome and serve the guests…