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30 2015

Dearest family, daughters, sons, and friends of Children and Youth Center,
I would like to express our sincere feelings as a tribute to our dear friend whose close to our heart, Marianne Skoog. She had always been a devoted friend to Palestine and the Palestinian children, and for the human suffering everywhere. Marianne remained struggling till her last breath, for peace that is based on the respect of a nations right to decide its own fate and security, as well as its own resources and its scientific, economic, and social advancement.
Our dear Marianne, who struggled for peace and independence in Vietnam and the ending of the apartheid and racism in South Africa. She also worked for the Liberation of Palestine and the right of the return of its children. She stood against the Israeli aggression in Lebanon, Ghaza, and West Bank. She also worked hard for a long time for the Children and Youth Center and provided love and kindness to all the children and youths who new her as a mother , sister, and a friend. We express our gratitude to all the beloved friends who joined us in the long journey of CYC.

Our dear Marianne, with the first commemoration of her passing away, we will not forget you, we express again our genuine love and missing your presence among us.

Welcome to those who are able to participate in our meeting tomorrow, Saturday, May, 30, 2015, at 1:00 midday at CYC- Shatila to commemorate together the first anniversary of the passing away of our dear Marianne Skoog.

Abu Moujahed


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