CYC has celebrated 8 of March- The International Women’s Day,

Like every year CYC is celebrating 8 of March as special occasion to every mother, sister and daughter, calling for the equity and full rights and independency. About 100 women and men have attended the celebration at CYC,

Mr. Abu Moujahed has welcomed all, talked about the value of 8 of March, CYC is supporting the women struggle for their rights, he has mentioned to clear number of men who are sharing this occasion. He call for better understanding within the families, and society for the role of both men and women out of exploitation, discrimination and violation. Also Abu Moujahed has congratulate the teachers Day on 9 of March.

Mrs. Samira Salah The member PNC of PLO, and member of the Women struggler movement since years ago has provide an explanation on the Palestinian Women struggle since decades for her national freedom and her human rights and right to return to her home land in Palestine. Mrs. Samira encouraged the young generation to follow the social development, culturally, technology and the civilization which need both hand together men and women equally to build a new future. She has mentioned to many names as examples of women who had scarified for their children, families and home land Palestine, The Martyr women and prisoners under the Israeli occupation. She called for the national unity and the Palestinian leadership to give space for the women right of participating in the decision.

At the end CYC youth has distribute the flowers, sweet and juice to the presence as celebration.


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