CYC Youth Activity Combines Art with Moral Reflection


Last week, Shatila teenagers took part in an inspiring activity that got them thinking deeply about their lives, their choices, and their relationships with others through writing exercises, discussions, and drawing. youthb

The group held a moving discussion about their goals and how their behavior could either help them advance toward them or block their obtainment. The youth vowed to take responsibility for themselves and their decisions and to approach their actions with more awareness of future consequences and with more sensitivity to those around them.


Following the discussion, the group began working collectively on several drawings, which embodied the messages of the discussion.


“We must change our lives” or “صار لازم نغير حياتنا” was the common refrain of the program and the subject of some of the pictures. At the end of the activity, there was no doubt that the youth grasped the expression’s full meaning.


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