Friday Activity Fills CYC’s Library with Children and Youth From Shatila


Yesterday, 85 children and youth from the Shatila Refugee Camp gathered in CYC to participate in a number of group activities, that had them singing, dancing, laughing and jumping with joy.


To begin the morning program, the children joined hands in a circle and pooled their voices in songs and chants, produced with great energy and enthusiasm.  Groups of children and youth took turns leading their peers, rushing into the circle and leading each other in chants to the rhythm of clapping hands and drum-beats.


Following this initial activity, there was a brief humorous skit led by two CYC facilitators, which aimed to convey appropriate ways of resolving disputes between friends without resorting to verbal abuse or fighting. When the skit came to a close, the children cheered and offered their insight about it demonstrating a clear grasp of its meaning and purpose.


More recreational activities ensued, including a game of musical chairs, which everyone approached with a good-spirited competitiveness.


The activities combined useful life-lessons with a sense of playfulness and fun, providing a happy release for all in attendance.


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