CYC Participates in Training Workshop Aimed at “Enhancing Access to Quality Education for Children in Palestinian Camps in Lebanon”

cyc education workshop 1

On Saturday, October 12, ten members of CYC’s staff participated in the second of three day-long training sessions, organized by Save the Children International, aimed at building the capacities of teachers, social workers, and recreational leaders and increasing the reach and impact of educational, social, and recreational initiatives in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. The workshop served an especially important purpose in light of the changing demographics of many Lebanese refugee camps in the midst of the humanitarian crisis that has already sent over one million Syrians across Lebanon’s borders. Now, many camps are populated by increasing numbers of Syrian children, who have been out of school for a year if not more. Ensuring that the needs of all children are being correctly diagnosed and successfully met in these new classroom environments is a pressing issue and an one that was discussed and assessed with nuance during the workshop.

cyc education workshop 2
The day’s program was dynamic and interactive, as attendees repeatedly broke into groups to practice different lesson plans and teaching techniques geared toward capturing the attentions of young learners in creative ways. One group, depicted above, performed a short skit, which humorously explored cooperative and hands-on approaches to reading. The day was truly inspiring, with a range of contributions and perspectives offered by teachers, librarians, social workers, recreational leaders, and education specialists. It was, indeed, a day of learning for all involved.

CYC expressed its sincere gratitude for the dedication of SCI and UNICEF to this important cause.


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