8th Days Sit In of The Palestinian refugees from Syria

Still the Palestinian refugees from Syria continuing their Sit In in the street in front of the Main Office of UNRWA in Beirut with their children and families waiting any positive answer to solve their misery conditions and suffering out of the lack of minimum needs of normal living… Their requests still to have a Housing, hospitalization, Education and food…

Two day ago it has rained, they didn’t have place to hide them selves at the middle of night, everything became wet, the few blankets and mattresses and themselves… The volunteers who rush to help couldn’t do anything,,, when we thought to move at least the children and women to their homes until morning,, the surprise was that many of them have no houses to go to… At morning some of them got sick and pain especially the children and the old ones whom already sick… Few children and old mothers were Lucky to protect them in 3 volunteers cars and a small mini Bus… while the rest remain under the rain.

Yesterday the refugees have faced three critical cases,,,
First was a child in very bad situation after they found a Rat eating his foot.
Second, a child fall and got bad injury in the head.
Third A child got sick out of the condition of Sit in with the cold weather at night…

When they took the children for treatment they were requested for money even the three cases were emergency cases… So they had to ask the people to help for paying the hospitals and medicine…
Up to now UNRWA and the international community, and even some Palestinian associations and socil or privet organization are deaf and blind to hear or see those protesters living in the street since 8 days with no cover, food or water except what the generosity of the persons or groups who are trying to get them a little of the needs… Up to now UNRWA is still closing the gates in their faces even to use a toilet or washing their faces… Women and children have to search for a hidden corner where to help them selves to use instead of Toilet… They asked the municipality to help with Mobile toilet, but till now they are getting promises not more…

The situation is getting everyday from bad to worse… As a result of this ignorant policy toward the refugees from Syria it has provoke the Palestinian refugee camps population in Lebanon, So many people start planning for action support to the protestors, Then UNRWA, the international bodies, The Lebanese Government, PLO have to carry their responsibilities to find solution equal to what they did in other areas in Lebanon…

UNRWA is trying to play smart through announcing about soon distribution to the Refugees,,, But the refugees from Syria they are refusing this fooling around policy,,, They want clear commitment to their requests at least monthly and not occasionally…

So while we thank all the friends who have provided those poor victim of the war in Syria, we call again all the friends and everybody who could help to support with what ever is available… Children milk, Hygiene, Blankets, Mattresses, Food, medicine, money, Until UNRWA and Lebanese Government and the Western and Arab supporters of the war in Syria see the civilians how they are surviving in the streets’ Pavements…

Next time we will names the international and national and usual foreign donors who are hesitating to help this time…


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