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CYC INVITATION 1948 & 2007

Dear Collegues,

In the anniversary of Palestinien( Nakba1948) & Nahr Al-Bared Cadastrophies(2007).

CYC is honored to invite you for the commemoration where the children will perform traditional artistic folklore, national songs and poems, it will be presented by children from CYC Nahr Al-Bared & Yarmouk camp

Location: Kaser Al-Shatea Hall Courniche Nahr Al-Bared

Date: Thursday 21, May, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

Your presence highly appreciated

Sokayna Al-Anain I Programme Coordinator

North Lebanon – NBC Section B

Mobile: +961 70209973 I E – mail:

W I PO Box: 25/136 Beirut



CYC children enjoyed paticipating in the Children vastival

On Friday 8th of May 45 children from CYC has an enjoyable day with participating in Children Carnival of Dar Al Aytam Al Slanieh- Ber Hassan, they had games, playing, participating with the children of Dar Al Aytam Al Islamieh, listening to music, screen film, painting and teacher explanation within a friendly space. Thanks to the supervisor, teachers and students of Dar al Aytam Al Islamieh school.

8 45 .

A Recreational trip to KG Children of Al Bared

With Unicef education program support, 83 children 30 girls and 53 boys had enjoyed a trip during this week to the nature, and the amusement park

The children were very happy and exiting. The trip brought positive impact to the children behavior and their mood, content and relaxation.ا

بدعم مشكور من منظمة اليونيسف 83 طفل وطفلة من روضة أطفال نهر البارد قضوا يوما من المتعة والفرح في رحلة الى الطبيعة ومدينة الملاهي، والتي اتت باثر ايجابي على الأطفال وسلوكهم وارتياحهم النفسي

CYC welcomed Students delegation from Uppsala University – Sweden

On 22 April a 16 students from Uppsala university have visited CYC and Shatila camp. CYC has welcomed the delegation and greeted with appreciation the Swedish friends who support CYC since starting. It was opportunity to exchange point of views and talk to the guests about the Palestinian issues mainly the educational ,economical and social conditions. More over the Palestinian right to return to Palestine and their right to live with dignity, with respect to their human rights as refugees in Lebanon, without forcing the youth to face the risk of death through the immigration to European countries.

Shatila people celebrated the Palestinian’s Land Day- 30 March

The Palestinian NGOs and political organizations have celebrated the Lands Day, as memorization of Palestinian people confrontation against the Israeli occupation on 30 March 1976 in the Occupied Territories 1948.
The Organizers called for a demonstration, children and youth have performed several folklore dances, poems, memorial exhibition and signing the Boycotting the production of the companies who are supporting Israel.