CYC & Alma KG Shatila ended the Education-recreation Project –

ǡ 2021-2022.

ɡ . ɡ .
. ɡ ɡ . ɡ ʡ . . .

In an atmosphere of joy, songs, childrens dances and a play inspired by the suffering we live in, in the presence of representatives, student families and camp residents, the CYC & Alma Ended the Children Educational & Recreational Program of school year 2021-2022
The CYC Director Mr. Abu Moujahed spoke about the difficulties of Lebanon situation, especially in the Palestinians camps, and what our people is face under the occupation in Palestine. Calling for acceptance of the challenge, and more steadfastness and resistance, in confronting the colonial projects that support the Zionist enemy and its Western and Arab tools. Calling on all forces of freedom, justice and peace to have more solidarity and support for the cause of the Palestinian people and their right to return to free Palestine.
The distinguished children’s work was also presented in rehabilitating the center’s garden to be a safe and a beautiful space for children, which included training and educating children on the importance of preserving the environment and recycling waste. In addition to a variety of beautiful artistic paintings, from handicrafts and crafts, drawings, and beautiful heritage embroidery works. This was followed by the presentation of wonderful artistic paintings of national dances and music, and sketches, one was about the moment of the martyrdom of the struggler, writer, artist and historical personality Ghassan Kanafani. The second about the trip of Back to home of Palestine. The attendees appreciated what they saw from the children and the efforts of the supervisors.


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