CYC distance education experience report 2020-2021 2020-2021

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No doubt that everyone in Lebanon has suffered and still suffering in one way or another, specifically the Corona epidemic, and if the working class, especially the poor were most in pain, economic, social, and moral losses. The young generations of students and children were the most loses too out of random decisions, administrative and academic confusion, which indicates a lack of knowledge in confronting the repercussions of Coved 19 under the title of protection. The term Distance Education has emerged, which increased the complicating matters for the poor children and poor schools, especially public schools and UNRWA, where most of the poor and refugee children are.

Here we present this report on CYC experience with students of UNRWA and public schools within the Education Support Program, as well as children of Alma Kindergarten in Shatila camp and Al-Bared Kindergarten in Nahr Al-Bared camp.
We hope that we have achieved something useful for students and children in cooperation with parents, administrations, and teachers of UNRWA schools.
We are pleased to receive any opinions, advice, or experiences that could improve our work because our journey with Corona seems to be continuing for a not short time.

CYC education on line experience 2020-2021.docx

hNij2LfZgQ=== 2020-2021.docx


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