Lebanon. Positive step filled with optimistec fears.

The situation is getting more serious, People are attacking the houses of the Parliament members and some politicians. They want to enter to the presidential Palace, and the Governmental Saray . the army now in the streets attacking and arresting the demonstrators in the Down Town of Beirut, people are running from street to street and from corner to corner, destroying the front of the shops, burning breaking what ever they can. All Lebanon main roads are closed, No schools, no banks, for the second day. Many people couldn’t reach their work. people couldn’t reach the airport on time. The protestors want to close the airport to stop the politicians from escaping out of the country. they shout, Revolution, Revolution… All the leaders have to go, All means all… For the first time no taboo. They are naming every body directly. President, parliament speaker, prime minister, foreign minister, Hezbollah, Jumblat, to all of the Governmental and Political parties and associations. People are washing their hands from all their leaders or who they used to worship.

The demonstrators are calling the people to come down to the streets as last chance for the change… They want change the system. For first time religion men Muslim and Christians are participating in the demonstrations and criticizing the government and calling for change… Every body is against the sectarian system of Lebanon…
The slogans are developing more and more reflecting the anger of the people…

Still early to make analysis.

What ever behind this movement, the government forced the people to explode… The economical situation, companies bankrupt, the poverty, the political division, the regional and international interfering show the country is controlled from out side. plus we have to see some political parties use to encourage for the protesting, they thought it can be like every time, by remote control.
But now the fire is burning everybody and out of control… The official Lebanon is bad with everything, corrupted, thieves, belonging to out side countries, system based on worse copy of religion understanding. abusing the God and profits and books Bible or Koraan.

On other hand, Lately there were some regional and international conferences, The political body of Lebanon was divided between people want to serve the American, Israel, some Europeans and Golf governments policies, and other serving Iran, Syria and the resistance . Many politicians talked about turning the table upping down. All that came together,, and lead to see Lebanon is burning.. Is that good or bad… It is good and needed to all the Arab countries to be turning upping down, all the Arab regimes are too rotten and need change, but the question who is leading the change… This question lead us to say, the anger is not enough… other wise we are copying Egypt, Libya, etc. experiences… We don’t wish to reach to the Arab chaos, but such big popular movement without head it carry fears of mess. It is a call for those democratic movements and civil society forces to play a role during these days to help with formulating clear aims and objectives to protect the movement from the chaos or being stolen……

Soon things will be more clear… What ever happen, it is better then waiting nothing… Even when a Revolution defeated it is better than waiting calm, it build for other stronger revolution… Still the political cause is hidden, What about Palestine question, and Syria question, and what about the Century Deal role in the region, US and Israel roles of pressing on Iran in Lebanon… what about the American, Israel and Golf war against the resistance in South Lebanon and Palestine.

Lebanon is very small but it is very important geopolitical step for who stand on it.

Let us wait till Monday, the 72 hours which the prime minister Hariri asked for to take the final decision. Then we say in which direction Lebanon is going… Let us wish no step back and the contagious to move to other rotten regimes in the region.

Abu Moujahed


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