Aurora 17 demonstration in Gothenburg

During Abu Moujahed visit to Sweden, It was a great chance to participate in “Aurora 17” huge demonstration in Gothenburg city against the state militarization, and the dangerous of USA and Nato forces having biggest military practice since the cold war in Gothenburg which could lead to war and terror, and keep people afraid. Beside the thousands of USA and NATO soldiers, there are marines and war plains, warships are participating in Gothenburg.

So on 16 September 2017 there was a big protesting demonstration. The Swedes expressed their worries that this military ssction might effect the Sweden’s policy as Non-nuclear zone, because USA marine carries normally nuclear weapons. 2) To be as step to make Sweden join the NATO.

All that was planned after an intensive lobbying spreading news about the Russian dangerous policy and the risk of Russian attacking Sweden. That is why the Swedish people and progressive organizations opposed this policy, They found that is very important to keep Sweden out of wars, out of Nato and not nuclear zone. and to keep Sweden out of NATO. There was a call for people from everywhere to participate in the demonstration under a big slogans, No For Nato… Nato Out Of Sweden… Nato is a War.


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