From:Eva Hamad
Subject: Commemoration

Dear Abu Mujahed Thank you so much for the wonderful words about dear Marianne. We forwarded them to the godparents of course and we are all with you in our hearts at the commemoration meeting today.

By chance yesterday, Néstor and I met with Lennart, the husband of Ritva. It is now three years since she passed away and it has been a very difficult time for him, a big loss in his life of course. We told Lennart that you wish a kind of commemoration of the dear friends we have lost over the last years. Ritva, Marianne, Hasse and Ulla.

We also discussed this idea at our last foundation board meeting, that we are going to collect fotos of them all, and together with you we cam make a nice text and publish it on our websites in our languages and English.

Greetings and love to all!

Charlotte, Jane, Kickan, Néstor and


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