Invitation to the Nakba commemoration

The New Young generations have the right to know;

66 years has passed on the Nakba, since the Israeli occupation is continuing in Palestine and the Palestinian people is continuing the resist holding its territory, rebuilding what the occupation destroy, and replanting what the Israelis uproots.
As expressing of keeping the homeland, identity and the right to return, as well as solidarity and supporting to the steadfast of our people in Palestine

Its pleasure to:
The Palestinian Youth Organization & Children & Youth Centre CYC

inviting you to the public rally of the occasion, and to the opening a Garden and planting some olive trees

The time: Wednesday 14 May 2014 at 6:00 PM
Place: In the Martyr Abu Ali Mostafa squire in front of the Popular Hall and Children and Youth Centre in Shatila camp.

The program:
Opening the garden and Planting the olive trees
A word of The organizers
The Ambassador of Palestine in Lebanon
The Gobeiry Myer
The Palestinian organizations


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