Sabra & Shatila awith the international friends commemorate 31st nniversary of the Massacre

Since 31 years Sabra and Shatila is waiting every year the 3 darkest days every September, which filled with pain and saddest memories, everything still alive in the minds of who were there during 16 – 18 September 1982, when the Israelis army and their followers the phalanges and extremes Lebanese groups came to poorest area in Beirut suburb, Sabra & Shatila to kill randomly everybody they found at night, children, mothers, old and young even the animals, dogs, horses, cats and goats were killed too. That savage crime was done without any try of the Murderer Sharon (the Leader of the Israeli army in Lebanon at that time) to stop the killing of the innocent civilians, Palestinian, Lebanese’s, Syrians, Egyptian, and many other nationalities. up to now there is no real figures, but everybody says that not less 2500 to 3000 people were killed… Every year Sabra & Shatila people carry their pain, tears, sadness and the pictures of their beloved and their memories and walk collectively with candles and flowers in their hand to the Martyrs cemetery, telling their beloved that they didn’t forget them, and they will continue the struggle to lead the Israel murderers to the justice and court.

Every year. Sabra & Shatila receive solidarity and more international supporters share them the sad memories and join them the commemoration of the Sabra & Shatila Massacre. They hear their friendly and supportive words. especially the promise of supporters that they will carry the voice of Sabra & Shatila and Palestinian cause to their societies and governments.

Last Monday and Tuesday 16 and 17 Sep. we had walked from Shatila camp with some of the martyrs relatives, carrying their martyrs photos, political Organizations, NGO’s and the camp population. Some friends from France, UK, Taiwan, Italian, Danish, and others were with us. the Marches end with putting the candles and flowers on the graves, and speeches of the political leaders.

The program has included beside the two marches to the cemetery.
1- Opening an exhibition of the martyrs and the massacre place at CYC
2- A Palestinian folklore Dance, songs and poems performed by the CYC children

Every body raised the main wish that the criminals to be soon in the court, where the justice finds its way to those Israeli war murderers after all their crimes against humanity…

Thanks to all the support from our international friends, we are looking to their presence as a step to convince their governments to open their eyes on the Palestinian people tragedy since these governments supported Israel foundation on the expense of the Palestinian People…


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