The Palestinian Refugees from Syria started a Sit IN

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you that the Palestinian Refugees from Syria are now, for the 5th day making a Sit In in front of the Main Office of UNRWA in Beirut. This is after they became fully convinced that they are forgotten and will not be receiving real support. Although they appreciate the initiatives from this association or another, and the individual solidarity, but all what have received is still less than the minimum of what the refugees need concerning Housing, Health Care (Hospitalization) Education, nutrition, (children milk, Hygiene , cloths), etc…

The refugees are suffering out of the high living costs in Lebanon, while they have lost everything in Syria, in addition to the fact that they are threatened to be thrown on the street.

Of course, we do understand and support their loud voice out of their pain and we do believe they should benefit from what the Child Rights, Human Rights, and Refugee Rights treaties call for in order for them to survive, with dignity and respect. We do believe this situation will carry a huge threat to the children’s safety and protection from delinquency, child labor, drop out of schools, moral and physical abuse and exploitation.

CYC is standing beside this popular strike, and supporting their action, as well as calling for all who can give a hand to them to not hesitate. Therefore, whatever you can provide can be of big help to them. We consider their strike supportive to all the NGO’s demanding for emergency and relief work for the refugees.

The Refugees stopped believing the excuses of the donors. such like lack of acknowledge, or they work on need assessment, or waiting the answers for their appeals. The refugees believe that the government’s concern is directed to support mainly the military groups and gang who are involved in the war in Syria, and not planning to support civilians whom are left without protection and support.

We do ask our friends NGO’s, association and individuals, Palestinian, Lebanese, Arab and international to help those families who are sitting on the street under the sun in the day and cold at night without any possibilities. what ever is needed, financial, material or moral support, blankets, food, visit support, milk and diapers, clothes, since everything can be useful to them in the situation they are in right now. It a duty to all of us to play a human supportive role for those to get minimum normal life in a shelter and protect their children…
Unfortunately UNRWA has closed The main gate in their faces, isolated them out of the wall to the street, deprived the mothers and children even from using a toilet or water to wash…

Children & Youth Centre – CYC

CYC celebrate the International Womens Day

On 9th March CYC in the presence of the popular committee, political organizations, NGO’s representatives and people of the camp has received Ms. Amneh Jebril the president of the Palestinian Women Union in Lebanon… Mr. Abu Moujahed the director of CYC has open the occasion with welcoming Ms. Amneh and the presences, noting that 8 of March is a special occasion for the women everywhere, it struggle for equity and her right to share equally in the decision, positions and responsibility… This Day is to see her self not only the mother, sister, wife or daughter or second after the man, but her self as individual, independent, having all right of her self. Abu Moujahed greet UNRWA in Gaza for counseling the Marathon after Hamas authority refused the women to participate in the race… He said these decisions take us back word, what about our mothers and grandmothers who use to fight with the men during the revolution 1936. what about the martyr Dalal Al Moughrabi who martyred with other men in 1978 in occupied Palestine. those who are using the religion to tight the women and see them just made, slave or followers the the man. The women always were and still able to play great role…

Ms. Amneh Jebril Has greeted the women struggle in the world, especially in Palestine under the occupation for the freedom, just, independent and sovereignty… She has has mention to glory position of the Palestinian women and men in the Israel occupation Jail, where they are presenting a heroic stead feet.

Ms. Amneh mention for the Palestinian woman in the camps if Syria, who is facing the fire, destruction and death,,, which obliged thousands to escape to other countries.
The Palestinian people in spite of all the Occupation aggression, and oppression still determine to hold their rights and struggle by their live flesh and through popular resistance to stop all the Zionist policies, steeling the lands, destroying houses, uprooted Olive trees and settlement. and the Racism discrimination wall.
Mrs. Jebril on behalf of Palestinian Women Union said:

  • We do condemned the Israel occupation crimes of shooting the people with live bullets and poisoning gas,
  • Israel is carrying the responsibility on the safety and lives of the prisoners. mainly who are in Hunger strike.
  • Judging Israel for its crime of killing the detainee Arafat Jaradat..
  • Ending the siege of Gaza and west Bank
  • We call for the Palestinian national unity,
  • Keep the Palestinian Camps out of the two sides of war in Syria…
  • Urging UNRWA to take its responsibility toward the Palestinian refugee of Syria
  • Speeding the reconstruction of Nahr El Bared camp..
  • Greetings to the struggler women of Palestine and all over the world who are fighting for the Freedom, dignity and Independence …specially the prisoners, specially who are in Hunger strike

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