CYC is suporting the refugees from Syria

After the number of the Palestinian and Syrian number has increased in the camp, especially they have nothing to manage a normal life to their children or them selves… Many families of Shatila camp have hosted the refugees families and provide them blankets, cloths, shelter, food and water… while since July up to now 29 November 2012 nothing came from the international associations or donors… The refugees are thrown as a ball between UNHCR and UNRWA and other international Organization… each send them to other…
CYC has managed to get support from the friends Human Concern International to get support to 30 families. CYC discussed with the refugee families what is their priority need. then we have distributed Kitchen set, Hygiene Kitts, Milk to the children, diapers, small Gaz… Of course that is just very little, the tragedy is to big…

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