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Here I would like to share with you an article on Aljazeera – English Channel, about CYC and Shatila camp which was done by a friend Ms. Amanda Fisher, freelance journalist. in Dubai
So if you would like to see The article you can find it On:

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Abu Moujahed

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CYC has to thank UNICEF Organization for the continuous support to CYC programs towards the refugee children, especially the ones who has flee from Syria as victims of the catastrophe there. With Unicef support CYC could provided educational support to more than 253 students who are at risk to fail or drop out of school, and to 86 Kindergartens children.

Beside the educational support program, more than 1000 children and teenagers in Shatila and Nahr el bared Camps have received raising awareness, knowledge and experiences, vocational and recreational activities, more than 500 children had enjoyed the Summer recreational program and Summer camp in Siblin, Talent development and life skills, trips, Marathon, especially to those children who were traumatized out of several conditions mainly the war s impact in Syria. With UNICEF and other friend supporters CYC could protect the smile and and made their life easier for hundreds of children…

marathon with Unicef Logo 2014.pptx

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