As a right of the children and young generation to know their history,

We would like to invite you to share with us the annual celebration of Al Karamah Buttle 21 March 1968 and The Land’s Day on 30 March 1976 when The Palestinian people resisted the Israeli occupation army which colonized their lands In Palestine… Since that date the Palestinian people commemorate the 6 Martyrs and many injured people who fell by the Israel Criminal Army shots…

It’s an occasion where the Palestinian people in and out of the occupied territories of Palestine assure their commitments and determination of struggle till the liberation and return to build their own country Palestine with freedom, peace and justice.

The Date: On Saturday 5/4/2014 at 4:00 PM
The Place: The Library Hall, Children & Youth Centre – CYC Shatila Camp.


The Land’s Day of Palestine.pdf

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Greetings cards to the Mothers on their Day

On 21 of March was Mothers Day. CYC children have made special Greetings Cards to their mothers. with their pure and sincere wishes. After all the children with the teachers and social workers of CYC have visited the mothers at their homes to distribute the cards to the mothers and to the NGOs and political organizations in the camp.

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