Celebrating the Women’s Day and the Mother’s Day in NBC احياء يوم المرأة العالمي وعيد الأم في نهرالبارد

CYC has celebrated the International Women’s Day and the Mother’s Day
احيا مركز الاطفال والفتوة في نهر البارد يوم المراة العالمي وعيدالام

in Nahr El Bared Camp-NBC…

CYC celebrate the International Women’s Day and the Teachers’ Day

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CYC had popular celebration of the International Womens Day and the Teachers Day. After Mr. Abu Moujahed, Director of CYC welcomed Mrs. Rita Hamdan, The Director of Popular Aid for the Relief and Development and the presents, he greeted the Women at their Day, he has greeted the Teachers at their Day too . Mrs. Rita has talked about the injustice approach towards the women, in spite of their affective role and presence in all fields economical, social, political and cultural. Mrs. Rita raised strong voice for more organizing the efforts collectively to review the struggle against the unfair laws, to press on changing the family rules, traditions, social and educational, and old beliefs measurements which doesnt fit anymore with the era of today. The event ended with dances and sketches by students and children of the cultural team of CYC, and distributing roses to the presence.

NGO’s Meeting about the Health services in the camp ;

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With invitation from The Director of UNRWA Services Office in Shatila camp, CYC has received cooperation meeting of the Palestinian NGOs, the popular committees, UNRWA and Doctors Without Borders. There was serious discussion about the Health situation of the camp, the available and needed services, equipment and medicines. The attendants expressed their worries about the inflation of new clinics, especially dental clinics. the pharmacies, the water filtering shops who are working without control, which need to be observed to guarantee the people health.

CYC children and youths in a joyful trip to the snow أطفال وشبا ب المركز في رحلة ممتعة الى الثلج

.اطفال وشباب مركز الأطفال والفتوة امضوا اليوم بضع ساعات ممتعة على الثلج، والخروج من جو المخيم الضاغط، حيث تمتعوا باللعب على االثلج والذهاب الى مدينة الملاهي .

CYC Children & Youths had today some joyful hours of playing on snow, out of the depressing atmosphere of the camp. All have enjoyed playing on the snow and went to Amusement

Space for the children and youth of Shatila and Nahr el-Bared camp