Happy Eid Al Adha

Happy Eid Al Adha عيد أضحى مبارك

كل عام و أنتم بخير


CYC Summer Camp;space of;talents;fun and Happiess

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CYC ended the 21st Children Summer Camp at The Vocational Training Center UNRWA in Siblin, with children from Sabra, Shatila, Nahr El bared camps and Al Eqleem, The camp was a space of talent development, raising awareness, gaining skills and friendship. playing, sports, and swimming, The children enjoy a clean environment . Thanks to the Education Depa of Unrwa and Siblin Center for their cooperation, and to the Lecturers, Work team the volunteers and to supporting friends.

Welcoming the struggler friend Dr. Yanno

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Every time he comes to Beirut, its chance to call the friends to meet Dr. Giannuo in Shatila Camp. Talking about the experience of struggle and camp steadfast, memories and concerns issues of the Palestinian and Arabs conditions. and the Solidarity movement with the Palestinian people. Dr. Jiannuo will remain dear companion of struggle, our people will remain faithful to all the international strugglers for their standing with our struggle and rights of freedom, security, peace and return to Palestine.

CYC Shatila ended the Summer Educational & recreational program

225 ɡ ɡ ɡ , . 6-14 .

In the presence of the parents, NGOs and organizations representatives, CYC Shatila has celebrated the end of the Children Summer Education and Recreation Program for 225 boys and girls. with the title THE CHILDREN Of Brigh
Tomorrow. Mrs. Malake Maatouk talked on behalf of CYC about the children benefit from the Summer program, the preparing educationally and psychology for the new students of 1st and 2nd grades. plus the recreational, talent and life skills development, practicing sports, arts and playing hobbies, and enjoying Trip to the river to children age group 6 14 years.
Mrs. Malake has stressed on the difficult life of the camp, especially the chaos and corruption beside the social, economical and environment situation which the cape people especially the children and women are facing.
The events ended with an exhibition of the children hand crafts, drawing and painting creativities. The children performed nice songs and folklore dances. CYC distributed gifts to all the participant children.

The children celebrated with the parents the summer activities الأطفال يحتفلون مع الاهل بنهاية النشاط الصيفي

بحضور اللجنة الشعبيىة والمؤسسات الاهلية والاهالي، احتفل جمعية الاطفال والفتوة في مخيم نهر البارد بانتهاء برنامج النشاط الصيفي التعليمي والترفيهي . رحبت منسقة المركز السيدة سكينة العينين بالحضور، وشرحت اهداف النشاط واهميته بالنسبة للاطفال وتعزيزقدراتهم التعليمية وبناء شخصية قوية للاطفال وتنمية قدراتهم، كما دعت.الى اهتمام اكبر لرعاية وحماية الاطفال. وشكرت المؤسسات الشريكة على تعاونها في انجاح النشاط، وكذلك فريق العمل والمتطوعين على جهودهم المميزة.
وقد تسلم طلاب صفوف التدعيم الدراسي اوراق تبين نتائجهم ما بين الامتحانات التشخيصية القبلي والبعدي. ومن ثم قدم الاطفال عروض فنية ورقصات جميلة الى جانب معرض اشغال يدوية نالت رضى الضيوف والأهل

In the presence of the Popular Committee, NGO’s and parents, CYC children – Nahr El Bared celebrated the end of the Children Summer educational and Recreational Activities program. CYC coordinator in North Mrs. Sokaina Al Ainain welcomed the presence, and explained the aims and importance of the activity to empowering the children education, self confidence and capacities. She thanked the Partner NGO’s for their help, and called for more cooperation to care and protect the children. also she thanked the work team and the volunteers for their amazing roll.

The students received the results of the diagnoses tests of before and after, then the children performed some song, and beautiful dances, plus the handcrafts exhibition which pleased everybody.

CYC children attended a Play of The Kingdum of Happiness

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With appreciated invitation of Goerge N. Ifram Institution, 25 children & 3 Animators from CYC attend a play of The Kingdom of Happiness at the Athenee Thearte. Jounee. All were happy and joyful, thanks for the second year inviting Shatila children. Its chance for opening on other children and knowing new friends.

Space for the children and youth of Shatila and Nahr el-Bared camp