The youths express their dreams, ambitions concerns and challenges.

CYC has started youth focus groups a space for the youths to express and discuss what they have of thoughts, problems, difficulties, ambition and solutions to the challenges from their point of view. The youths complain was that they dont have who listen or share them their concerns and what is threatening their future. Especially the deprivation of the human and civil rights, the right to continue their education, right to work, the camp siege and misery conditions, health care, safety and freedom and their right of return to homeland Palestine.


CYC in cooperation with MSF called for a mothers meeting

On 24th January 2014 CYC in cooperation with Doctors Without Borders has organized a meeting with the mother to concentrate on the psychological health of children and mothers who flee from Syria and Shatila children too. The meeting has concentrated on the educational issues of the children and the important role of the mother in the protecting their children and promote them to better condition in cooperation with the schools and civil society’s associations. The meeting has include important discussion about the raised issues by MSF and CYC…

CYC’s Friday Activity, a Joyous Occasion for Shatila’s Children and Youth


Yesterday morning, around 60 Palestinian and Syrian refugee children and youth from the Shatila camp assembled in CYC’s library in anticipation of the center’s weekly Friday activity.


The program began with the children and youth dancing in unison. Music played as CYC facilitators and volunteers clapped their hands while the young attendees released their energy.3

What followed were a series of call-and-response songs, in which several CYC facilitators encouraged those in attendance to lead their peers with their voices and movements. Numerous children and youth took up the task, rushing into the center of the circle to lead the group.


The program then transitioned into a game that had all the children, youth, and facilitators in attendance moving back and forth across the library collectively.


After an hour of physical and mental release, the group then settled into chairs to relax their bodies and watch a film. The film was in English, giving the children and youth a chance to practice a foreign language as they rested. The range of activities gave those in attendance the chance to play, relax, learn and feel comfortable in the company of their friends. There were no shortage of smiles.


Space for the children and youth of Shatila and Nahr el-Bared camp