3 Days training workshop to the teachers and volunteers in CYC 22-24/12/2014

Children & Youth Centre – CYC in Nahr El Bared has organized 3 days training workshop for the staff, volunteers and youth as capacity building and developing their skills and knowledge about the child rights, Education and teaching methods, planning and programing their duties. Thanks to the trainers who provide willingly the training to the participants. Here there are some photos of the first day training session 22-12-2014


KG children celebrating the Christmas and New Years Eve holiday.

The children of Nahr El Bared Kindergarten has celebrated the Christmas and New Years Eve before their holiday, they have enjoyed singing,dancing, painting the faces and playing, at the end they have received a gifts from their teachers. It was a happy day with a big wish for 2015 to the year of love and peace to everybody. MARY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR

Distributing winter sweaters to the refigee students

With generous contribution of Kanza wa Sonboula project in Amal FInistitute Broumana, CYC could distribute winter sweaters to 75 refugee students in the remedial education program, CYC is appreciating the regular assistant of Al Amal Institute toward the poor children and families. Especially the sweaters came in the right time to protect the students from the cold weather.

Thanks to the friend Mette

Many friend pass through CYC are trying to help or work voluntary with the children and teenagers, some of them feel one of us, presenting commitment and responsibility. CYC has to thank Miss. Mette Eriksen for her helping with enlarging and spreading CYC work and activities with children and youth trough training the youth on developing and updating CYC Webpage and Face Book.

Thank you Freja

Miss. Freja Amanda has spent with CYC Shatila almost three moths as internship student and volunteer, where she was friendly and helpful with several children activities educational, recreational, English courses for the staff and youths, and administrative work.
Miss, Freja succeeded to force every body regretting her leave back to Denmark. Looking to see her again in CYC.

CYC children visiting the Annual Book Fare in Beirut

As every year CYC has organized a children visit to the Arab Book Fare in Beirut, where they enjoy the visit with reading and watching the new issues, children stories, educational tools and issues. At the end, they buy some books for them selves and choose educational references or novels which CYC buy to be available for the children and youth and friends in the CYC Public Library.

CYC celebrated The Day against Violence 19-11-2014

340 children participated in the celebration of the International Day anti Violence.

The children of CYC and other NGOs children ( Beit Al Somoud- Al Najde- Al Tadamon- WHO and Zahrat Al Madaen have joined the Open Day where they have a day of happiness and practiced different activities, discussion and raising awareness against all kind of Violence, abuse and exploitation,

The children express them selves through talking, singing, painting, playing, handcrafts and acting, plus one group had interviewed 50 parents in the camp about the violence towards their children at home,school and community. Many parents came with their children,
The event ended with distributing gifts to all of the participants.

Space for the children and youth of Shatila and Nahr el-Bared camp