CYC in Al Bared camp organized a lectire to 75 mothers about the child health protection and distribute hygiene kits مركز ال أطفال والفتوة في نهر البارد ينظم محاضرة لـ 75 ام حو ل الرعابة الصحية للأطفال وتوزيع صناديق مواد تنظيف

يوم الجمعه 8 كانون الثاني 2016 الساعه 11 صباحا دعى مركز الأطفال والفتوة الى لقاء الأهل الى محاضره حول العنايه والاهتمام بصحة ونظافة الاطفال والتي ألقتها مسؤوله قسم الامومه والطفوله في عيادة الاونروا الدكتوره وفيقه ديب ومنى خالد وهناء عبدالعال

مديرة جمعية الاطفال والفتوه في الشمال السيدة سكينه العينين وعدد من فريق عمل الجمعيه… بعد المحاضرة والحوار مع الأمهات، جرى توزيع صناديق مواد تنظيف وحفاضات الأطفال، والتي قدمتها منظمة اليونيسف مشكورة

On 8 of Jan 2016 cyc has organized a lecture for the parents about health care and children health protection. in the presence of Mrs. Sokaina Al Aynain the CYC representative in the north with CYC team and the mothers of the children Dr. Wafika Deeb, the responsible of the childhood and mother hood section at UNRWA and Ms. Mona Khaled and and Ms.Hana’a Abdul Al have provided the lecture and lead the discussion with the mothers. CYC has distributed Hygiene boxes for the children age group of 01 day to 18 months which was appreciated donation from UNICEF.

Training course for the work team

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CYC has organized two day workshop for the work team about the NGOs role and characters and interfering to develop the local community. Plus The characters and role of the social worker in the implementation of the programs and social policies on the base of empowerment and effect in the social existence as a base for the social awareness development. and understanding mechanism of the international treaties of the child, human and women rights.

A Lunch to CYC work team

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CYC invited The work team and volunteers in Shatila and Nahr El Bared Camps to a lunch in the presence of Mr. Nazih Yacoub and Mrs. Boshra Al Moghrabi from UNICEF. It was a time for joy and relaxation from the pressure of the work, It was necessary to the team to enter the new year with new energy and positive atmosphere for better care of the children and students and the beneficiaries from CYC services.

CYC youths receiving 2016 with hope and optimistic

2016 .

In spite of everything CYC youth receiving the New Year with hope, optimistic and trusting of having better future. sending a love and happy massage with best wishes the Youth of Palestine under the Israeli Occupation, and to the youth of the world,to the CYC family in Sweden, France, UK, Italy and Denmark and to all the friends with hope 2016 to be the year of Peace and just without Governments terrorism nor the Terrorism of the fanatic or extremist gangs.
Happy New Year

احتفال الروضه بمناسبة الأعياد

أطفال روضة نهر البارد يحتفلون بالأعياد, ويمضون ساعات من اللهو والمرح. متمنين السلام والحرية والأمان لكل أطفال العالم

CYC Kindergarten children in NBC celebrating the seasons with hours of fun and happiness. Wishing the peace, freedom and safety to all the children of the world.

Children recreational activity on the Seasons Occasion in NBC نش اط ترفيهي للاطفال بمناسبه الاعياد في البارد

بتاريخ 26/12/2015 قام مركز الاطفال والفتوه في نهر البارد بنشاط ترفيهي للاطفال بمناسبه الاعياد المجيده، وقد شارك في نشاط حوالي 120 طفل تخلل النشاط انشطه ومحاور متنوعه: تنشيط وصرخات – رسم – اشغال يدويه – اغاني – مسابقات – توزيع اقنعه .
وفي نهايه النشاط تم توزيع على الاطفال مرطبات وكيك

On the Seasons occasion CYC in NBC has organized on 26-12-2015 recreational activities for 120 children where they had different games, handcrafts, playing, songs, painting and receiving refreshment juice and cakes.