CYC distribute Baby Hygiene kits to refugee families

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Through the Raising awareness and health care program, with appreciated assistant of UNICEF. CYC has organized several meetings with 250 parents in Shatila camp, 50 parents a day. The dialogue was about the modern methods of bringing up and caring of the children, the importance of taking in consideration the cleanness of children, home and surrounding environment.The parent should caring the vaccines of children in time, plus the importance of following up the children from the first day of birth to the school age. on other hand, parent should visiting the schools and CYC to ask about their children education and behavior.
CYC warned from the violence towards the children, or not caring and protect them or leaving the children in the street exposed to violence, exploitation or sexual abused or delinquency.
On other hand the parents should be careful of their own behavior which considered by the children as example to be followed, After the meeting CYC distribute a Hygiene kit to each family for the children health safety.