CYC children enjoyed paticipating in the Children vastival

On Friday 8th of May 45 children from CYC has an enjoyable day with participating in Children Carnival of Dar Al Aytam Al Slanieh- Ber Hassan, they had games, playing, participating with the children of Dar Al Aytam Al Islamieh, listening to music, screen film, painting and teacher explanation within a friendly space. Thanks to the supervisor, teachers and students of Dar al Aytam Al Islamieh school.

8 45 .


A Recreational trip to KG Children of Al Bared

With Unicef education program support, 83 children 30 girls and 53 boys had enjoyed a trip during this week to the nature, and the amusement park

The children were very happy and exiting. The trip brought positive impact to the children behavior and their mood, content and relaxation.ا

بدعم مشكور من منظمة اليونيسف 83 طفل وطفلة من روضة أطفال نهر البارد قضوا يوما من المتعة والفرح في رحلة الى الطبيعة ومدينة الملاهي، والتي اتت باثر ايجابي على الأطفال وسلوكهم وارتياحهم النفسي