Shatila Children Sing, Dance and Draw during CYC’s Friday Activity


This Friday morning, more than 60 Palestinian and Syrian refugee children lifted their feet, raised their voices and picked up crayons and pencils in CYC’s library.


The weekly program consisted of a range of activities, including stretching, dancing, singing and drawing.


Forming a circle and joining hands, the children took turns leading the group, spontaneously entering the circle and confidently teaching their peers a new song or chant.


The activity, which followed, produced dazzling pictures. The children showed tremendous creativity with their art. Some of the more popular themes of the drawings were football matches, the Palestinian flag, and friends holding hands.


If measured by the smiles on the faces of the children participating, the day was a resounding success.


Palestinian and Syrian Refugee Children Participate in CYC’s Education Initiative Funded by Save the Children International and UNICEF

Young members of the Shatila camp gathered in CYC’s library Friday for help with their studies and general tutoring.

education 1

The children practiced reading and writing in both English and Arabic, with support and encouragement from CYC teachers.

education 2

They found inspiration in their books and in each other, taking advantage of the collective learning environment to expand their minds.