CYC Annual Iftar

As every Year in Ramadan month CYC is organizing an Iftar as opportunity of gathering the Centre’s youth and the friends of international and Lebanese and Palestinian organizations and parents… On 1st of August 2013 CYC has the annual Iftar for more than 175 friends in the presence of the Palestinian Embassy delegation and Mrs. Annamaria Laurini the Unicef Director in Lebanon, UNRWA, The Palestinian political organization, popular committee, Lebanese and Palestinian NGO’s and people from the camp plus some brothers and sisters the refugees from Syria…

Abu Moujahed had a speech on the political, economical and social situation of the Palestinian in general, criticizing the Negotiation with Enemy Israel before the negotiation for the Palestinian unity and having clear Palestinian strategy… Criticized the shortage of support to the refugees from Syria and calling for their protection by shelters, education and health care… On other hand he considered the war in Syria is to Damage Syria and its people by that fanatics and extremists as part of Western plan against the region, country by country in cooperation with their followers of the Oil reactionary regimes. He consider every call for Jihad out of Palestine against Israel is suspected and doubted…

He stressed on the Children and Human rights which is violated everyday, where they are suffering out of violence, abuse and exploitation. He has assured that CYC is an association working on the child rights and social development, and not related to any political organization, but we are nationalists and our duty is to be beside the people interest and rights, That is why we criticized hardly the Lebanese Government unfair procedures against and deprived the Palestinians’ their human rights.


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