The teachers are developing education by communicating on line w ith the students and parents المعلمات يطورن التوا صل التعليمي عن بعد مع الطلاب والأهل

تحرص المعلمات على تطوير عملية التعلم عن بعد بتطوير التواصل مع الطلاب والأهل، وتشجيع الجميع على المواظبة بالمشاركة والحضور على الشبكة بالوقت المحدد، والدرس والأجابة بحيوية وابداع.

The teachers are keen to develop the distance learning process by developing the communicating with students and parents, in addition to encouraging everyone to continue participating and attend the lessons in time, and and work on the answers with vitality and creativity

The first video of the teacher say:

-The teacher voice: My beautiful heroes, I missed you so much,

-Today, do you remember with me how many days is the week?

-The week is 7 days… Bravo. Let us count them together; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

-What it has the day?

-The student, It has the day and Night.

– What is in the sky during the day?

– There is the bright sun.

– What is in the sky at night?

– A beautiful moon.

The teacher voice say: Now let us watch the nice video,

-The video voice; Did you go once to the sea, and you saw the sun set? or you saw the beautiful moon in the sky at night?.

-When we look to the sky in the day, we see the beautiful sunset and at night the moon appear. But where the sun goes at night? Let us think where is the sun is possible to go, where is the sun.?

Oh, we are living on the earth, This earth has round shape. and it seems very strong with continuous moving round and round and round… While the Sun and Moon they are staying where they are without changing their position. That why when the side of the Earth confronting the sun it called a Day. while when the other side of the earth is facing the moon it means a night.


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