With Medecins Sans Frontiers support, CYC has distributed School bags with stationar y to the students ϡ

With appreciation to the cooperation with Medecins Sans Frontiers MSF and to their generous support. CYC has provided 250 schoolbags with stationary to the poor students who are receiving education support at CYC. In the presence of MSF representative Mr. Mostafa Dabdoub there was a meeting with the students and their parents, where Mr. Abu Moujahed the director of CYC and Mr. Mostafa Dabdoub have talked to the parents about the importance of the education in spite of all the difficulties and suffering, especially for those who were forced to flee from the war in Syria. CYC called for the child protection and the parent role in cooperation with the school and the NGOs for better bringing up within a friendly social environment. Mr. Dabdoub has explain what MSF, and what it is providing to the refugees of medical and health care services,especially the maternity and birth delivery clinic, psycho social and other social services provided through MSF two centers in Shatila camp. After the discussion with the presence, the teachers and social workers have distributed the schoolbags to the students. Thanks to MSF.
250 . . ɡ . ѡ ȡ .


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